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ClearDropper Sample Pack

ClearDropper Sample Pack

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The ClearDropper is the easiest method of administering a precise amount of ear drops and is perfect for children, adults, and pets. ClearDropper is the ideal delivery system for physician and veterinary prescribed ear drops, as well as over-the-counter items like olive oil, hydrogen peroxide, vinegar or rubbing alcohol. ClearDropper ensures that every drop will be delivered.

  • Contains 1 ClearDropper Applicator
  • ClearDropper is a safe and inexpensive ear drop delivery system
  • Effectively administer home remedies or physician-prescribed ear drops
  • Deliver an exact amount of ear drops every time
  • Administer ear drops by yourself with ClearDropper
  • The ClearDropper is for everybody
  • Soft tip easily sits in the ear canal
  • Helps to eliminate over-application of ear drops
  • Easy to use

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