Never Waste Another Drop

The ClearDropper is the easiest method of administering a precise amount of eardrops and is perfect for children, adults, and pets. From physician and veterinary prescribed ear drops to over-the-counter items like olive oil, hydrogen peroxide, vinegar or rubbing alcohol the ClearDropper is the ideal delivery system.

Medication is expensive and with the ClearDropper you can have confidence that every drop will be delivered.

Save Money

Prescribed ear drops are expensive and can cost $200! The ClearDropper does not waste a drop so you won’t waste any money.

Making Ear Drops Simple

  • Easy to Use

    Whether a sick child, ill pet, or self-administration, ear drops are extremely difficult to apply. The soft ClearDropper tip easily sits in the ear canal and stays in place until every drop is delivered.

  • Precise Ear Drops

    No need to guess!  Whether it is a home remedy or a prescription the ClearDropper administers an exact amount of eardrops every time.

  • Home Remedies

    Effectively apply home remedies such as olive oil, hydrogen peroxide, vinegar and olive oil in the exact amount you want to deliver with the ClearDropper.

ClearDropper is for Everybody

  • Middle aged male administers prescription ear drops using his right hand with no assistance

    For Adults

    Applying ear drops to yourself is not an easy task. The ClearDropper makes it easy to apply ear drops with one hand and gives you the confidence that no drops are ever wasted.

  • Physician administering prescription ear drops to a child using ClearDropper's applicator

    For Children

    No child likes to have ear drops put in their ear. Help your child feel better by using the ClearDropper to get them the relief they need. This method is comfortable, and the drops are easily delivered leaving your child with less to fuss about. 

  • Veterinarian easily administers prescription ear drops to a dog with ClearDropper's applicator

    For Pets

    No more struggling to get your pet to sit still while you pull back and drop the medication into their ear. The ClearDropper is so quick they won’t even know you were there.