5 Over-The-Counter/Homeopathic Drugs To Be Used With ClearDropper

5 Over-The-Counter/Homeopathic Drugs To Be Used With ClearDropper

1. Rubbing Alcohol
(Rubbing Alcohol in Ear- Infection, Safety, Ear Cleaning & Other uses (durablehealth.net)
Rubbing alcohol is an affordable alternative to prescription ear drops. Rubbing alcohol can be bought at any convenience store and, if used properly, can treat swimmer’s ear. When water gets trapped in the ear canal, usually when swimming, it can cause an infection in the outer ear. To treat, use isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol by applying a few drops of the solution into the infected ear. It can help to rub the outer ear in circular motions to effectively spread the alcohol. Repeat as needed for up to 3 days.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar, Vinegar, White Vinegar
Apple Cider Vinegar for Ear Infection: At-Home Remedies (healthline.com) (Can You Use Vinegar For Ear Infections - HealthyHearingClub.net)

Different types of vinegar are another cost-effective solution for mild ear infections. Apple Cider Vinegar, White Vinegar, and regular Vinegar can all be bought over the counter and helps with mild infections of the outer ear, as they all have antibacterial properties. To make your at-home solution, mix equal parts of your selected vinegar with warm water. Then, lie down with your ear facing upwards and apply 5 to 10 drops in the infected ear. Keep the ear tilted up for 5 minutes and repeat as needed for 2-3 days.

3. Garlic Oil
(How to Make and Use Garlic Oil for Ear Infections - Doctors Health Press)

Garlic oil has proven to have healing properties against external ear infections. The oil reduces swelling and ear pain while loosening the ear wax and blockages causing the infection. Make your at-home garlic oil remedy by warming 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil in a saucepan. Next, mince 1 large garlic clove and mix with the oil. Once it is mixed, make sure to strain the mixture to make the solution as smooth as possible before administration. Apply 2 drops of the remedy to your ear while laying down with the infected ear facing up. Keep this position for 10-20 minutes with a damp washcloth held over the ear.


The major benefits of using at-home-remedies such as vinegar or rubbing alcohol for ear infections is affordability and time efficiency. However, if symptoms do not improve, be sure to make a doctor’s appointment. Whether treating an ear infection with prescribed ear drops or an at-home method, it is important to thoroughly apply the entire remedy to ensure a successful recovery. This is where ClearDropper comes in handy. The ClearDropper resembles an eyedropper and is used similarly. Just load the medicinal liquid into the dropper, keep the infected ear tilted upwards with the dropper gently inserted into the ear, and squeeze. The ClearDropper is designed to save time, energy, and money to guarantee a speedy recovery.

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